5 Easy Tips on How to Start in Art or Become an Artist

Here are some basic things you need to know about trying to start out as an artist as a hobby or in the art industry. I am just like you, trying to find new hobbies and interests. One of my hobbies are drawing and Art. Here are 5 basic tips on how to start your own art hobby:

Tip 1: Get the Basic Supplies to Start Out! – When wanting to start out, you need all the supplies you need! Get the essentials like a sketchbook, pencils, erasers, paint, markers and etc. Whatever you think you need to use for YOUR area of art. I started with a GIGANTIC sketchbook, erasers, markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Tip 2: Take Some Art Classes or get Drawing books – This is the only way to get better. If you want to like draw specific things, there are a bunch of different books on how to draw like horses, cars, cartoon characters and anything else you can imagine! Or if your not that type of person to teach yourself (Like me), take an art class. I started taking art classes since 6th grade and I loved the fact I got to imagine things and put it on paper! Most art classes have a broad perspective on art. But, each step in these things take time and effort. Try not to rush.

Tip 3: Pick up That Pencil and PRACTICE! – After learning all the things you need to know about drawing from the how-to-draw books or art classes, next step is trying it out see what you learned. Practice makes perfect.

Tip 4: Keep Going – If you like it up to this point, maybe keep going! You have to keep pushing for what you want! Take it further and maybe it could become a career for you! This class would probably help get you better at your drawing and make it become realistic. I’m going to keep taking Art in high school because it interests me and its something I enjoy.

Tip 5: Have fun with it and Enjoy – You can’t always be serious with your interest! You can also live with playing around with art. Be creative. Your art is what you make it to be! I strive everyday trying to find something new in my interest in art and so can you!

Hope this helps you to make your choice of whether to be in art or not!

Debra Thompson is a rising sophomore at West Mecklenburg High School. She is creative, smart, funny, and a hard working student.

Art Glass Supplies

Creating glass art is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. You can create glass figurines for yourself, blow glass art to give away as gifts, or even sell your beautiful glass art creations. If you are a glass art creator, you are probably always on the lookout for art glass supplies. And if you are just starting out, you need to know what kinds of supplies are necessary. Our list of art glass supplies and where to get them will help you get started acquiring the items you need or replenish your existing supplies.

The first type of art glass supplies is safety equipment. Before you buy anything else, you should stock up on glasses, gloves, clothing protection and any other glass safety supplies you need. This will depend on what kind of glass art you are participating in. When coloring glass, you should always have good gloves. If you are into blowing glass, you need heat protection. And you should consider proper footwear in any art glass endeavor.

The second type of art glass supplies is decorative items. Things such as coloring and molds are needed in order to be creative in your glass making. You should also look into purchasing glass art books. These books come in a range of subjects, from safety concerns and getting started, to advanced techniques and creative ideas. You might also look into purchasing a coffee table-style book filled with pictures of stained glass art. These books can be very inspiring and help you create better glass art pieces of your own.

If you are into more specific glass art hobbies, then you may have different art glass supply needs. Individuals who make glass art beads and jewelry will need jeweler’s supplies and equipment in addition to beads and bead-making supplies. If you choose to buy your glass beads instead of make them, you have a wide variety of options. Craft stores and internet sites offer infinite design possibilities for you to choose from.

If you are a glass blower, you will need special equipment for making your art. A glass blowing machine can be found affordably when you buy used. Check online at sites such as ebay. You might also check to see if there glass blowing shops in your area. Many times these places allow patrons the use of a glass blowing machine for an hourly fee. You will also need additional safety equipment if you are a glass blower, make sure you are covered and safe as this hobby can be a dangerous one.

The Benefits of a Hobby

A hobby is not always something we do that is creative. If it is then all the better, because quite often a hobby can turn into a full time job. It is something we can control as to how much time we wish to put into it so it can generate some major income and the bonus is that we own it. To me there has been nothing more self satisfying then seeing my art hobby start to become a career. Anyone can begin at any age, all one needs is the pure passion as the main ingredient to make a small hobby a big reality.

In today’s economic climate people are being made redundant from their nine to five jobs while others are losing their investment money. This can easily cause a ripple effect in a persons psyche, and cause the person to spiral. When this happens, people can begin to live in the gloom of all the bad things that have happened to them in their lives, including the blow of just losing their job.

This is definitely where seeking a hobby can pull a person out of the depths of despair, and get them focusing on something else rather than reliving their past life. A person can so easily be dragged into a black hole and it ends up being their psychological home. This is very damaging to the person themselves and also to the people around them, therefore no popularity contests are going to be won while living in a black hole of despair.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, and people will always let us down at some point as jobs are lost and nest eggs disappear. The good thing about life is that there are still hobbies out there that are available to anyone that can see they could make a fair to good income. All that is required to make it all happen is a build up of trust and putting in some time and effort to reap the rewards of something you can successfully own. You can always get other people to help such as family or friends. They may help you extend your hobby into a thriving business.

There are opportunities for growth in a small hobby, they have the ability to be able to stretch to great lengths if we are prepared to put in the time and effort. Doing what you love to do everyday and making an income from what used to be just a hobby is something to be proud of and you can say “I own this.”

Art, Hobby and the Personalised Number Plate

The dark nights and mornings, the increase of warm fires and a distinct chill in the air all mean one thing – Autumn is well and truly here.

It’s the time when people knuckle down and hibernate for the winter or they go out and embrace a new hobby or sport. II think it’s a way to avoid the slumber of hibernation. It’s a great excuse to go outside even in the darkest and coldest of days.

I’ve asked the owners why they get a hobby based personalised number plate and time and time again, I get the variations of the same answer.

It’s all about what makes them happy. Many times when they come out of their house and see their car with:

a. their personalised number plate

b. their hobby or sport of interest

it automatically brings a smile to their face.

There is also the owner who likes others to know what they do in their spare time and then there are other customers who buy a personalised number plate displaying their hobby for their partner or family as a gift.

Whatever your reasons for having a personalised mark, there are plenty to choose from. Lets have a look at what can you can get.


If you’re a brush-stroke master like Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or prefer the watercolours of Monet, you can still draw up the ideal personalised plate. Here are some suggestions:


Bird Watching

With so many beautiful birds to watch in the UK and Northern Ireland, it’s no surprise that birdwatching is a very popular past-time. One can’t help be amazed by the gracefulness and behaviour of this species. If you’re a bird watcher, here are a few choose from:



Similar to bird-watching, this is another favourite past-time. Fishermen get to leave the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some relaxing ‘me time’ in the solitude of the wonderful UK and Ireland lakes and rivers. If enjoy a spot of fishing, then here a few suggestions for you:



Some of us take up an indoors hobby. With so many different musical instruments, us Britons and Northern Ireland residents are packed full of choice as to what instrument to learn. If you’re the next Bruce Springsteen, Rory Gallagher or Mozart, then there are personalised number plates for you. Here are just a few:

67 MUS

In summary,

No matter what your hobby, there is a personalised number plate for you. Your sense of adventure can be represented for all to see or just for you to know what it means.

What is Wine Tasting? Is it an Art, Hobby Or Just an Activity?

Wine tasting is not just like art, it is an art.

While it can be subjective in nature, wine connoisseurs follow some general “guidelines” when judging a wine. Wine related stuff is a popular pastime enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Enjoying a good red wine is quite simple when you know how to drink it properly. It is a similar experience when you are a novice. More often than not, it is unfamiliarity that limits one’s full sensory experience of a wine.

It is part of every class.

Wine tasting is all about completely cleaning and clearing the mind, palate, taste buds, septum and mouth in advance of experiencing the deep complexity, intricate and softly perceptible subtleties and essences of each wine. What unique pleasure do you experience as each wine aromatically allures your senses and seductively dances over your tongue? It is completely subjective. Write down which wine you preferred, and why.

It is one of those rare and wonderful activities where everyone gets to be correct.

It is also one way to determine the maturity of the wine and whether it is suitable for aging or for immediate drinking. Its purpose it to discover the key facets of the wine in order to appreciate it better in every sense of the word. It is a fun social outing that is educational and a great way to expand your social circle with little or no cost.

Wine tasting is not drinking.

Although wine is made to drink and enjoy, there are also times when it has to be judged and assessed. It is simply a process applied to distinguish the taste of fine wines. One must be able to note the differences between different types of wines and for expert tasters, also the differences between the vintages of the same class of wine. It is an ancient art and a refined understanding of this process will lead to an increase in the pleasure, enjoyment and knowledge of the wines you are drinking.

It is often more educational, not to mention fun, when enjoyed as a group.

When you are more experienced it is indeed a fun. Popularly, if someone asks you how long you know about it, you can say in terms of “Gallons” of wine instead of sheer number of years.

Wine tasting is an art, a pleasure, and for some, an occupation.

Professional wine tasters make a living by assessing wine for quality, aging potential, commercial value, complexity, and character. It is a very subjective experience. As a result, even when wines are served blind, the opinions of others often serve as focal points for agreement.

Really focusing on the absolute presence of the wine can tell you about quality and how well the wine will drink with food. So think how the wine feels. Real life arguments persist as to who was really responsible for Montelena’s ’76 success: the winery owners or radical winemaker Mike Grgich?

This remains a sore point to this very day. So when are you planning to become master in Wine tasting?